Go figure & Just Live

Do we really need to have all the answers to all things in life? We are forever trying to seize control and make sense of happenings. But of course that is simply not possible. This world is simply too big and with too many variables (people themselves are unique variables and we number over 7 billion) for anyone to be able to predict or control what happens to themselves or to those around us.
Its important for us not only to be self aware regarding limitations in knowledge and be self indulgent but as important is to allow other people the freedom to acknowledge their limitations as well. Because the first step towards knowing something can only be taken when there is a recognition of not knowing it. Just give that to your friend, family, lover, colleague, subordinate and I think we d have begun the process of healing the world that MJ cried out loud for.
I read in Proverbs today, "Into the bag the lot is cast,but from the LORD comes every decision."  (Proverbs 16: 33) .i.e. Dice were given meanings of “yes” or “no” and then cast for their answer. What came out was the decision. Here the saying interprets the sequence of actions: a human being puts the dice in the bag but what emerges from the bag is the Lord’s decision.
Thats just how its going to be. So loose the tension and not your cool, release that panic button and take a laugh, fight less, love more, be less pessimistic , more optimistic, less rational, more spontaneous, less serious, more humble and just enjoy the ride. Open your eyes look at that mother, father, sibling, spouse, lover, BFF who love you no matter what,quit taking them for granted and spend some energy giving love back.
Like sailing in the big blue ocean without a compass, do your bit to stay afloat and leave the rest to providence.
We are never going to have all the answers but we have tools like God's word, Community, love and our own Self conscience to guide us in the general direction of right. So instead to trying to analyze everything threadbare, just take a leap of faith at a certain point . Especially when you know you are hurting yourself and others around you, better say a quick prayer and make that Jump! - To the next level.


bharthi said…
kinda makes a lottof sense esp at the point i am right now!! good read!! :)
Do your best and leave the rest in God's hands. He knows He best :)
Thanks for the post!
Unknown said…
Very inspiring babe...!!! and very true too...! :)
J.A.M. said…
Your inspiration inspires me.. Thanks you guys
Aj said…
Moi friend likes this blog :-)
J.A.M. said…
I m grateful.. Thank you