Human beings are social animals.fact.So, never truely free.It seems so obvious now, i wonder if i was the only one who took "freedom" as defined by the dictionary i.e. (Philosophy) the power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint from within or without; autonomy; self-determination.
We always yearn to have things go our way, at least that which is purely our self concern. but, in the process, alineating ourselves from each other. eventually leading to trauma and a deep sense of a great unknown intangible loss. we try to find solace then in music in art in instrument in dope in alcohol in reckless selfishness in obnoxious arrogance in late nights in late mornings in under eating in overeating. nothing will work.
just how hard is it to simply reach out to another. not a stranger but, people life brought us family, friends. but, then again that was never satisfying either. always wishing we had a different set of people around us. bcuz hey dont you know? they are not my type. so, i'll just battle endlessly with nothing for endless nothingness within.
we turn our backs against everything systematic. in the name of fashion in the name of rebellion in the name of "being different" in the name of freedom. only to be enslaved to a killing stressful lifestyle with its constant pressure to be have the most followers, most clicks, most short, most wanted. even though we fully well know its all a facade in 99% of the time. i leave the 1% bcuz i'm an opptimist. so in what sense are we free?
and we nxg Indians are an even more curious case. We want to be all things american, european, exotic. but y? a real connection to western culture? the music especially. really? i cant help wondering how many of truely do connect to the music and not merely cause we are conditioned to by MTV by hollywood by the big american dream. funny eh to talk abt the big american dream now. i mean, that was many centuries back, our third world anscestors aspired for such a thing. we are the 'it' generation. we do that which 'is us'. really.

enough. i wanna truely be free.