An Ode to Friendship

A man (or woman) is the people in his life. People in ones life consists of two groups viz the given and the chosen. The given would be family and relatives. The chosen would be friends and colleagues. (Or so we think till we realize the truth and meaning of providence. Because isn't everything really only God's giving) . Anyway, my musings pertain more to the value of the bond of friendship.

An uplifting, progressive, liberating and joy giving one is deep friendship. Because although all relationships can only be sustained when there is love (the abounding, grace filled, unselfish, ready-to-self-sacrifice-joyfully kind), love in true Friendship flows out least effortlessly and with greatest understanding. We pick up close friendships on the basis of common interests and when our interests are strong and continue to be so, the vitality in the bond of friendship is also retained.

Family most often than not is taken for granted (both ways). Whereas mature friendships will never be taken for granted by both ends. Hence the joy & peace endures. My point thence is that would it not be the most wonderful thing if your partner for life is in fact your best friend. Thus those who are in such a state of being are indeed blessed. Rejoice!


indeed.!! what you wrote thence is exactly what I am going through right now... its a very .. a uniquely unique experience... to have your life partner as your best friend...
thanks for the blog..
J.A.M. said…
Thanks for the vindication Avan and God bless your marriage always