Jesus Christ My Supernova

Floyd seems random, Nirvana on weed, Britney Spears lame and just about every celebrity silly and self obsessed. Jesus Christ is the real Super Star.
Only in Christ is there coherence and congruence. The Bible is full of practical wisdom. To follow God's wisdom intuitively feels right because it stems out of the creative logic that created man. The sooner one realizes this, the sooner one gets on the path to fulfillment.
I wish you, the reader of this blog, that you find God within and without you. Coz when you begin to see him in all things, the joy in your heart will be mad and out of bounds. Nothing will seem impossible and everything a blessing. Such a state is what I call Nirvana and guess what, it is possible to attain here on earth. All we need to do, I see God and not past him.


Unknown said…
Oh Silp.. You are truly blessed. I certainly hope and pray I could find my joy, happiness, love and peace in Jesus.. P
J.A.M. said…
You are much blessed P.. Look at your life..its a great story in itself.. In fact you are one of those who inspire me by your deep faith.. Esp your devotion to Mother Mary
You find Him and you find the life giving waters and you'll never thirst again!!!