Liberating Rules

Seems a paradox at first glance. I v already expounded much on the fact that we human beings can never be fully free/independent islands. From this caveat then emerges my current musing- that rules, laws, norms serve infact to liberate us.

Because we all have a set of commonly accepted norms of existence and being, our dependence on the understanding and acceptance of a few people is eliminated. If not for these norms, we would be at the mercy of those whom we love for our existence. If these norms varied from person to person,place to place, we would be left with the task of rebuilding life from start in the case and instance of an irresolvable difference with close ones.

What Pope Benedict XVI said about the ten commandments being infact the corner stone of man's true liberation, makes sense to me now.

This passage however I think we should reflect on in this context- 1 Corinthians Chap 9 Verse 19-27