Uniquely You

Each of us are the image of divinity yet we are all unique. Hence, we should focus on our betterment and upliftment without a spirit of competitiveness not just because its the 'right' thing to do but because there is no need for it. Noone can compete with you in being you. Period.

I used to think that everything about me should be unique to the point that a similarity with someone else would send me to throes of mental anguish. My obsession with uniqueness went to the extent that I attempted even that which my intuition warned me was harmful. Like picking up friendships with queer people.  I didnt get them they didnt get me, yet I tried to make the friendship work for uniqueness sakes. This was a tough experience for me which I needlessly put myself through. The scars from taking on those things we cannot understand run deep.

After much ado, I understand that I didnt have to 'try' to be unique. I just am. Like you. Sound paradoxical?

Each person's either life experience or learnings can never be replicated by another no matter how much anyone of us tried. Every skill and talent displayed by someone will hence be unique in its expression. So celebrate the uniqueness that is you, similarly celebrate the uniqueness that is me and lets collaborate for both our betterment.

Life is designed by God to be a win-win. Believe it.