Uplifting Descent : Not a paradox

Our God is a God who descent so we could ascend. Was talking to my best friend the other day and he reflected on the incident of the adulterous woman who the Jews wanted to stone to death. Eyes cast down, as she looked down at the ground, filled with shame and full of remorse, Jesus knelt down and wrote on the ground so she could see too.
God is always reaching out to us no matter in what way of life we are. He is so loving that he is after us even to the deepest darkest corners of ourselves.
My first encounter with this love of Christ came when I was still a little school girl worried about flunking my 9th std math exam. I was coached rigorously by my father before the exam and on the day after I got back home, he had us run over the whole paper. Lets just say I was only semi sure of my answers. 72 was the total that emerged from our rerun of the paper. I was mortified because I simply knew that was an inflated number. And what did I do? I surrendered to God. I said God help me and I prayed to Mother Mary to interceed for me. I even went for daily mass diligently.
On the day of the results, Lo behold! I was stunned beyond all else. 72 the magic number was on my report card. That day I knew there is a God who is keenly tuned into me even if I m not so much. That incident which enabled me to believe as a school girl still makes sure that Faith endures in my heart although the incident itself can be seen as perhaps coincidental or by chance by mine or yours adult self.
The way I reflect on this incident in the context of the incident of the adulterous woman is this- that God speaks to each one of us in the language and through the happenings we can understand. To a school girl through a simple miracle to jolt her in her simple childish ways and, to the adulterous woman in a brave selfless extension of mercy, so that both know him and his love. That he knows us and our history more than we ourselves do.
And once you'v known him, you will never feel right again about ignoring him. He will reach out to us. We just have to first be open to that possibility.


Aj said…
Ola ! Seek & he is there :-)
Beautiful (2) ...Jesus is Beautiful ....and Jesus makes Beautiful the things of my life !!!
Carefully touching me....causing my eyes to see....cause Jesus makes Beautiful the things of my life :D
J.A.M. said…
Ha Ha.. This means thats the favourite hymn of all 3 of us.. P taught me this song :)
Aj said…
Hehe....the only memory I have of this song is that of P singing it !!:D
Charoy said…
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Chacha said…
Silps! Great post! It's Short and sweet and I love your application of this lesson. No matter how old or young we are it's phenomenal to see God's call on our life. We may not be wise or open enough to recognize it at different points in our life, but I agree with you that it is apparent. It's like once you taste His love, it's impossible to ignore it.

J.A.M. said…
Thanks Chacha ma Cherie
J.A.M. said…
Ah.. I thought this song was a "Goodsy" thing