God is in the humble things

From birth to death, in his manner, Jesus underlined one thing- God is in the smallest, humble things.

The Messiah, the creator's son was born on earth but in a manger, a carpenter's son for 30 years. Throughout his 3 years of preaching the good news, whom did he associate with but former sinners , and with fishermen for disciples. He dressed simple, travelled mostly on foot and maybe on occasion on donkey's back, and had no fat purse of gold. Can you imagine such a person now? Would our worldly way of thinking allow us to even listen to such a one if we had come upon him today? Would we have also wanted to crush Jesus the way the unbelieving Jews did? I think each of us should deeply reflect on this and decide on which side we really are.

We must realize that God is in the humble things. Human society has a hierarchy in all things. We rank order each other based on certain worldly parameters like money, beauty, employment, fame and aggression. But these are not things of God.

We must remind ourselves of this everytime we are tempted to align ourselves with the rich and with those who are in positions of worldly authority. Its not going to matter when we get to heaven if we managed to Lord it over a whole bunch of others or if we managed to prove ourselves more talented, more beautiful, more intelligent, more knowledgeable, more religious, more disciplined, more industrious, more wealthy.

Even if our life's purpose is of the highest order .I.e. to spread the good news, this needs to be done with Love arising out of a humble heart. Love is not giving way or granting everything. In the words of St Teresa of Avila, "Love is not great delight but a desire to do God's will in everything".

Jesus demonstrates this Love on the cross. Completly naked, symbolic of an absolute relinquishment of all things worldly, and brutally nailed to a cross, for those who could not only not Love him back but, actually hated him,in accordance with his father's will. We may think it impossible to Love each other the way Christ did but, he has called us to do so. "Love one another as I have Loved you". If we truly want to follow Christ, we have to follow his instructions. Love of God & neighbor were his first two.

We can at least begin by addressing our tendency for snobbery or elitism of any kind? 


Anonymous said…
Humbleness is something which u cannot force it out from any one.. It has to come from within.. I really wish that everyone could get a heart to love and help each other.. Even if they don't help/love anyone at least be without back stabbing an ruining others work :)Antony.
So true. Jesus showed a radical way 2000 years back. Some, like St Francis of Assissi, Mother Teresa... accepted and followed it. But for most of us, its too difficult to follow. Not that the message is not relevant, just that it requires us to let go of our greatest love - the love for ourselves!

Snobbery and elitism is there everywhere, even in religiousness. Thanks for bringing it to light. Inspired to make honest attempts to overcome it. God Bless!