Real Steel : Faith

I thought hard for when were the times I felt truly happy, the moments when my heart glowed such that my real joy touched other people in a real way- the answer dawned on me as being those times when I could abandon all worry and fear. Complete abandonment comes only if one has true faith- the kind that doesn't waver in fidelity.
Real faith is one where one is in the Love of God in a way as to 'Kiss' him. I say Kiss because it is a sign of respect and affection, these being the greatest things any human being can simultaneously give or recieve. It means doing his and only his will in all things in our life. This faith is Real steel. The kind that can help us sail through all storms to a glorious day.

True faith is never a natural state of being but something which requires labour and commitment. Real faith cannot be obtained merely by going to church every Sunday, saying the family rosary daily or reading the Bible superficially. Real faith requires of us to deeply imbibe the word of God & act on it.

In this world, so many things distract us, hoodwink us into uselessly devoting our time and energy. To resist temptations and devote ourselves to getting into touch with our innermost pure selves, in the process of finding God,  is always going to be a tough battle. I say this because I m experiencing it.
The purification in the refiner's fire requires our insecurities, false pride, false humility, pretensions, perversion of thought, deceit, bad habits, lazy habits and all seeds of corruption to be thrown away. This is not at all easy especially when our friends and family offer resistance to our change by ostracism, emotional blackmail, mockery or just plain old familiarity. One may face absolute humiliation and rejection all around. You maybe deserted by your nearest and dearest in your great quest to find God.
Also, most importantly,  it demands us to throw away anything or anyone who, in our minds and hearts, has beaten God to the top spot.

The path to anything worthwhile is always difficult. And when the path leads to God,and hence our true selves, how much more treacherous will the way be. But you who soldier on bravely, your eventual victory will give you the world itself.


Sushil Joe said…
great reflection. Wow !
J.A.M. said…
Glad u think so.. Thank you!
pearls of wisdom Silpa.. culdnt agree more... If we seek Him with all our heart we will ind him.. Jer 29 : 12 and he gives us strength "blessed be my God who trains my hands for war and fingers for battle"Psalms 144:1