Godliness Part time?

Once upon a time, there used to hang an Archies poster in my room. "Sleeping is my favourite sport" it proclaimed. The pictorial depiction accompanying it was that of a scrawny teenager in bed, surrounded my the mess of "cool" stuff in her room. Of course, that was a depiction mirroring my own existence till recently. Till I decided to change. By the way, first thing I did was rip that poster.

Discontent had been brewing inside me for sometime about the state of my room. Afterall, I went to a good middle class school where they taught us, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness". My parents affronts I took as an opportunity to procrastinate under the guise of stubborn rebellion. I want to be told gently, nicely, I told myself. Truth is, I somehow just could not act to set things right.

But then, thankfully, I decided to lean on God in all things in my life. With this, I realized that I cannot show him my love by doing a few good things but by doing all things in the good way.

So, as important as it is to be charitable in my behaviour towards others or proclaiming the good news, equally so is being tidy in the small space on earth which is mine.I.e  my room. And equally important will it be for me to allow godliness to take over every aspect of my behaviour.

I realized I couldn't be Godly part time. No matter where, No matter when, No matter what, being Christian is ever to be my way of being. This means striving for excellence, perfection, vigor, vitality and banishing the substandard within oneself, most importantly,  all this should be done in love.

Bottomline is this- Being a Christian means, asking at every step,  "What would Jesus do"?


So True. Someone said, what you do in private is what sort of a Christian you are. :)