The Best Network

Recent Adcomms of  telecom operators touched a chord. "Made for Mom's" claimed one, "Made for first Love" claimed another. Other themes vary from "Power to you" to plays on the human network.
Yet as I reflected on my life and relationships, I realized, the only network which can rightly lay claim on the above is - the Faith Network.

In Christ, in faith, each of us become empowered, connection centres.

After fully committing to the spiritual walk, my network has not only expanded in breadth but also in depth. Qualitatively too this is a much better network. Certain Personality types I thought I d never be able to be at peace with, somehow, that list has no entries any more.

By changing me from the inside, it no longer matters if the other changes or not- I m at peace either ways.
Such is the power of Jesus Christ. Come to him and you find the living waters which change, charge, nourish and connect you to the best network on earth.

God is that network and if you are in that network, you have all you need. (John 14:8)