Beware! Blind spot ahead

Behind wheels, one of the most dangerous spots on the road is the blind spot. One needs to accept that one cannot see ahead and throw caution to the winds.

So it is with a personal spirituality. Just as the make of the car, the top speed its capable of, the cost of the car, the years we spent saving up for it,  these factors become irrelevant in negotiating a blind turn,  in spiritual life, We need to accept that no matter at what level, what depth, what commitment we may think we have, there are blind spots in our soul which we cannot see with out assistance.

We need mirrors and the best mirrors God gives us are blunt truth -speaking- thus-annoying people in our lives. This is often a parent, spouse, sibling, close friend or even colleague. We often are tempted to abandon our inner circle especially when they tell/show us inconvenient truths about ourselves. But this really only leads to self-injury and unnecessary suffering.

So lets quit complaining about that non-understanding, non-cooperative family member or colleague and pray more asking God to reveal those character flaws which stop us from connecting to God and thus, to our neighbour also.