Pray for me

Pray for me.

Have you also, like me, wondered sometimes if these words are any use at all?

Well, from recent personal experience , i v had the powerful realisation that prayer is the most effective tool to achieve any sort of good. From material needs to emotional conversions, there is only one action , that can bring all things to pass. It is more powerful than clever arguments and wonderful abilities. Its called prayer.

A prayer works like a stone dropped into still water. The ripples travel wide and impact the situation or person one is praying for. But first,  it alters the point of origin, which is you. So every prayer one makes will first affect a change in oneself and this change will, in ripple effect, impact and bring to pass what one is praying for.

The necessary and only question then, in every prayer is, how much am i willing to change for this dream or person?  In the answer to this question will lie the answer to one' s prayer.

Jesus said Ask and you shall receive (Matthew 7:7) So ask away dear one- In faith,  hope, love AND with a willingness to change yourself.

So go on now, tell all your wellwishers "Pray for me".


Anonymous said…
will pray for you... smile throughout:)