No More

There are very few times that I have regretted not speaking up. And one such moment is when I decided not to write crying foul against the heinous past  crimes and crude thought process of a certain political group. But better late than never.

In plain language, Hindtuva is now a national mission. One can see that in the way sanskrit has been made third language (why couldn't it have been urdhu I ask? If nationalism was the only concern), the way the government is joining hands with international partners to popularise yoga (why couldn't it have been a drive to improve physical education and active sports? If health were really the agenda) and the way that whats-his-name sanyasi in Harayana had been allowed to be off the hook inspite of serious allegations of sexual harassment and rioting by his supporters.

What we witness now is the promotion of a certain religion, not by choice of the public, but by force of the will. This narrow minded petty politicking is going down and soon. I have no doubt. Because the true God alone will triumph. Not the fallacies floated around using God's name.

I appeal to you my friend, my fellow humanitarian,  stand for truth. Identify this wave for what it really is- a religious dictatorship in the making. We will soon be democracies like Russia and China,  which means,  you know, not really democracies.  Are we willing to be ruled over by religious autocratic bigots in the hope for a better GDP growth rate? Is not this a worthless gamble? An uneven trade off?

If you believe in this politics, I beg you to repent. Open up to a politics of love and truth. See the world beyond narrow ideas and shortcuts. One size doesn't fit all, nor does one ideology. Don't be one who delights in seeing another follow your ideology nor support another who is so. There is only love and truth which are everlasting. Those committed to these will shine like stars for eternity. So whats your choice?  Eternal star or fleeting super nova?

Next time you have a chance to vote, please, choose wiser for this experience.