Old rugged Cross

I love the cross for what its stands for- a sign of contradiction- suffering for the sake of joy. Its not the sadistic pleasure I m referring to. I m talking the joy of truth and love. The joy of love which will endure death for love's sake and thereby overcome death. Isn't this the stuff of our romantic dreams?  That someone would love us enough to die for us?

And yet how ignorantly we live that we have already been given this love by no other than Love Him self in true man and true God, Jesus. Why did he choose the way of the cross?  This is a mystery I cannot fathom. But I can in a very real way perceive the truth and freedom that He brought through the way of the cross.

Suffering looses its sting when undertaken cheerfully and willingly. This is what the old rugged Cross teaches us, venerated by over a Billion living people across generations over 2000 years. The truth and goodness of the cross can be understood not by the mind but by the heart and soul. That is why it resonates to every full human being who tries to experience the way of the cross not just by mind but also through the heart. Its why even non-christians intuitively follow the way of the cross in their lives as well. To God its the Spirit that matters than the law. He desires Mercy not sacrifice, good works and not burnt offerings.

He is the only way, the truth and the light. Hallelujah. 

Come Lord Jesus Come.


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