What a friend I have in Jesus

There were times when I was deep down in a pit. When I believed the lies my enemies told me about myself. When I truly believed I was worthless. When I genuinely agreed I was a loser. When I felt unloved and therefore angry with everyone.These times have come and gone at various points in my life. 

But this time, it was different.

This time, I had convincing answers to my own demons. In the person of Jesus. I palpably felt Him,  His sweet still voice whispering in my ears tenderly.. You are the apple of my eye.. I love you.. I know the plans I have for you. Plans for your prosperity and not your destruction.. And the demons simply fled and I believe they will not return as long as I stay connected to Him..

Oooh its this absolutely amazing realisation. I wish I had a way to open my heart and show just how serene it has turned because of His presence. Then perhaps my sister wouldn't doubt when I tell her run to Jesus and you will find all you need there. Then perhaps she will not want to run after manipulative, disrespectful, abusive men in the name of love. Then perhaps my brother will not be afraid to truly love a woman and give himself up for her.

After years of trusting myself, trusting others and finally trusting Christ, I can say with conviction, only Christ can cure us of our disordered ideas of love and of our self.


Anonymous said…
So true!!1 Jesus...